Arewa Leader Exposes Magu’s Three Houses Abroad in His Brother Name

House located at Road R 514 Number 186, Johan Du Toit Avenue, Andeon AH, Pretoria South Africa, allegedly belonging to Ibrahim Magu

The Executive Secretary Arewa Integrity Association, Alhaji Kamsalem Bulama, has accused the Acting Chairman of Economic Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu of purchasing properties abroad using his brother Mr B. Mustapha through a London based businessman, Arthur Francis, whose brother is facing corruption charges in Nigeria.

In another swift,  Alhaji Kamsaleem described as a compendium of lies, the allegation that  Abdulrasheed Maina’s son has an account with a balance of N1.7bn.

He described it as a cheap blackmail which is clearly intended to divert the attention of the public from the fundamental issue of the challenge by Maina that EFCC should account for the N1.63tr worth of properties and cash recovered as a result of the work of the Maina led Pension Reform Taskforce Team (PRTT).

He described the N1.7bn allegation as a perpetual lie which has no substance.

He added that why would a person who has N1.7bn be scampering to be reinstated back to work of civil service?

Mr Bulama said “I happen to come from the same State and Local Government Area as Mr Magu.

I know his extended family but that not withstanding, my candid advice will be for him to stop the lies and face the corruption allegations against him, especially the N1.63tr, 222 houses,  investments,  money and the issue relating to the purchase of the 3 houses abroad by his younger brother.

“You may recall that Magu was earlier accused of purchasing some houses in two countries but in his reaction after the deal was exposed, Magu said  “people have been buying properties using my name”.

According to Bulama,  “which mad man will purchase property in someone else’s name.  Let’s call a spade a spade.

“While it is on record that the Maina led PRTT had EFCC personnels embedded.

“This is the committee  that was responsible for fishing out the 43 pension suspects while EFCC  effected the recoveries of the funds, and properties”, he stressed.

He further maintained that, Magu received N19.8 bn and $5m from some pension suspects with the promise never to convict them.

“It is clear that after  6 years, there is no hope of conviction of the 43 pension thieves, some EFCC staff had written a petition against Magu, accusing him of stealing their N750m allowances. This is corruption of the highest order”.

In another development, he charged Mr Magu to make public the said balance in that account which he alledged is owned by Maina’s son where N1.7bn is said to have been lodged.


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