Don’t Be Defrauded: The Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) Official Contact Information

Some individuals and organisations in attempt to contact the Nigeria Postal service (NIPOST) have been asked to path wish cash by fraudulent individuals seeking information.

As a new business owner or first time visitor to Nigeria, the Nigeria Postal service Department came into being with the establishment of the Nigeria Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) on January 1, 1985. NITEL emerged from the merger of the Telecommunications arm of the defunct Post and Telecommunications Department of the Ministry of Communications with the former Nigeria External Telecommunications Limited (NET). Through the promulgation of decree No. 18 of 1987, NIPOST became an Extra-Ministerial Department.

The decree provided among other functions of NIPOST, the following:

To provide and operate facilities for collection, dispatch and distribution of inland and overseas mail at reasonable cost.
To provide and operate facilities for remittance of money through the money or postal order systems.
To provide and operate philatelic services in Nigeria.
To print and provide postage stamps for payment of postage tariff and payment of stamp duties.
To represent Nigeria in its relations with other postal administrations and other bodies concerned with postal services. Prior to 1992, NIPOST operated as an Extra-Ministerial Department in the Ministry of Communications while Decree 18 of 1987 went through various amendments.

In response to the call to grant NIPOST some measure of autonomy, the Federal Government promulgated Decree 41 of 1992 and classified NIPOST as a Government Parastatal having the following basic functions:

To develop, promote, and provide adequate and efficiently coordinated postal services at reasonable rates.
To maintain an efficient system of collection, sorting and delivery of mail nationwide.
To provide various types of mail services to meet the needs of different categories of mailers.
To establish and maintain Postal facilities of such character and in such locations consistent with reasonable economics as will enable the generality of the public to have ready access to essential postal services.
To represent the Federal Republic of Nigeria is her relations with other Postal Administrations and International bodies.

In addition to the above stated functions, NIPOST also has powers:

To determine the need for Post Offices, Postal facilities and equipment as it may determine.
To prescribe the amount of postage stamps and the manner in which it is to be paid.
To provide Philatelic Services.
To establish and review Postal Tariff.
To explore additional services to boost its revenue.
To provide and establish non-postal or similar services


Nipost Corporate Headquarters
Abubakar Musa Argungu House
Plot 1279 Muhammadu Buhari Way
PMB 12537, Garki 900001
Abuja, Nigeria

For Administrative Enquiries, call:

+2347055991758, +2348059376013,
+2348028334808, +2348028469631




Abia 09092995965
Abuja 09092995866
Adamawa 09092995974
Anambra 09092995945
Akwa-lbom 09092995828
Bauchi 09092995875
Benue 09092995988
Borno 09092995842
Cross River 09092995820
Delta 09092995793
Edo 09092995785
Enugu 09092995935
Imo 09092995956
Jigawa 09092995891
Kaduna 09092995905, 09092995910
Kano 09092995884
Katsina 09092995898
Kebbi 09092995928
Kogi 09092995777
Kwara 09092995769
Lagos Mainland 09092995162
Lagos Island 09092995152
Niger 09092995913
Ogun 09092995182
Ondo 09092995802
Osun 09092995812
Oyo 09092995174
Plateau 09092995857
Rivers 09092995835
Sokoto 09092995921
Taraba 09092995981
Yobe 09092995849


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